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En:Глобальный подход к карьере и поиску работы.
Мы в курсе всего на рынке труда.
Мы работаем с кандидатами (Директорами; Руководителями; Акционерами и т.д.) с зарплатными ожиданиями от 375 тыс. руб./мес. и выше.

Тел.: +7-495-969-80-26
En:(Телефонное обращение только после предварительного направления резюме).

En:Реальность рынка труда.

We work with candidates (Directors, Managers, Shareholders, etc.) with salary expectations of 375 thousand rubles per month and higher.

According to various estimates, the number of candidates' responses to one vacant top manager position is 5,000 to 5,500 CVs and more (a top vacancy, an executive vacancy, a vacancy for managers).

Therefore, candidates (directors and managers) can get managerial vacancies from an open labour market only with the help of Directors for Career Development (Career Consultants).

At the same time, about 70% of all managerial vacancies are filled not by external candidates (from the open labour market), but by in-house candidates (by promotion and in-house transfers).
Most of direct employers have an employee pool. This is done to promote in-house employees to managerial positions (top positions, director positions).

The current labour market is the employers' market. Benefiting from this, employers dictate their terms and put ultimatums to candidates, first of all with regard to candidates' salary expectations.

Many direct employers review candidates for vacant positions (top managers, senior executives, etc.) by brute-force search, so they just sort through the resumes. This can last for months, usually 12 to 36 months or more.
Then vacant positions are removed from the publication; that is, candidates would waste time searching for a job independently.

Moreover, long-term employees of direct employers (working for 15 to 20 years or more) are opposed to hiring new candidates (senior executives, top managers, etc.)

The selection of candidates (senior executives, top managers, etc.) has turned from individual corporate hiring into a mass flow. If back in the day a direct employer's recruiter would have 5 interviews per day spending 1 to 1.5 hours on each top candidate as a rule, now a recruiter may have 20 interviews per day spending only 25 to 30 minutes on each top candidate.

At the same time, the labour market started showing two new trends:

1) The candidates (senior executives, top managers, etc.) working in their field of study (field-specific education correlating with the profession on the labour market)

2) Increased requirements to a number of years of field-specific work experience: required experience of 3 to 5 years (rapidly changing economy) up to 15 to 20 years and more (a stabilizing economy).

Thus, for the candidates (senior executives, top managers, etc.), who have switched several business industries, several professions, etc., it becomes increasingly difficult to compete on the modern labour market which requires field-specific work experience and stable work in the chosen field.

Many candidates have high hopes for finding work by pulling strings (on the recommendations, through networking). This is possible for a candidate whose salary expectations are below 100 thousand rubles per month because hiring such a candidate does not strain the employer's budget.

The candidates (senior executives, top managers) with salary expectations many times higher search for a job efficiently using the efforts, opportunities and professional contacts of the Directors for Career Development (Career Consultants).

Unemployment is the reality of any modern labour market. At the same time, only approx. 10% of candidates like their work and the remaining 90% of employed candidates (directors and managers) are undervalued and receive less than their due, so they just tolerate their job.

Currently one of the biggest international job search and recruitment websites offers more than 24 million CVs and only about 300,000 vacancies. That is 80 people compete for a single vacant position.

An experienced recruiter spends less than 10 seconds on the initial evaluation of a candidate's resume, and large companies employ only experienced recruiters. Thus, 80% of the resumes are immediately discarded based on the first impression. If the candidate's resume is discarded, the candidate may as well consider themselves absent from the labour market. To prevent this, the candidate (director, manager, etc.) has to get into those 20% candidates who will be considered for top positions.

At the same time, independent search by unemployed top managers and senior executives takes 1 to 3-5 years or even more since an ability to present oneself does not replace the professionalism. The numbers are incredible but true.

100 candidates out of 100 candidates have some faults in their CV, that is 100%. This makes their independent job search ineffective. These statistics are applicable to any candidate (top manager, senior executive, etc.) trying to search for a job on their own.

It is believed that almost 100% of candidates (top managers, senior executives, etc.) embellish their CV when searching for a job on their own. Moreover, almost every candidate, who already had several interviews, has a well-adjusted story (which usually is a far cry from reality) to be told at the interview. To avoid such cases, employers arrange multi-stage interviews (7-8 interviews) among other things, since the total costs on replacing one candidate (director or manager incorrectly hired by a direct employer) are significant.

The candidate's resume should contain only honest and reliable information, therefore professional CVs are developed by Directors for Career Development (Career Consultants).

If a managerial position description (top manager position, senior executive position) indicates that the salary is determined following the results of the interview, then the candidate (top manager, senior executive, etc.) may lower their salary expectations threefold. This is exactly the level of income the candidate (top manager, senior executive, etc.) may aspire to in case of independent job search.

Employed top managers and senior executives should monitor the risks of dismissal and unemployment, and the risk indicators are as follows:

1) Drastic changes in the industry
2) New technical and industrial evolution (active use of robotics technologies, products and solutions in production and business management)
3) Some large companies leaving the market
4) Unrealistic KPI
5) Risk of business plan failure
6) Relocation of direct employer offices
7) Staffing optimization
8) Change of leadership
9) Canceled and reduced remuneration programs
10) Situation on the labour market in general.

More than 50% of candidates on the labour market would like to change their job. At the same time, the number of vacant managerial positions decreased several-fold and the number of candidates (top managers, senior executives) increased several-fold.

The modern labour market shows a pronounced disproportion between candidates (top managers, senior executives) (very many) and top vacant positions (vacancies for managers, managerial vacancies) (very few). This determines a pronounced imbalance on the labour market.

At the same time, in large direct employer companies a shareholders' order on hiring a candidate (directors and managers) can reach direct performers after passing through 7 to 15 links in the chain of management. If a direct employer company does not have clearly delineated areas of responsibility for hiring candidates, then conflicts "at the functional joints" additionally influence and significantly increase the time for making a decision on hiring a candidate (director and manager). Therefore, the actions (hiring of a top candidate) required "today" are delayed by 1 to 1.5 years.

From the viewpoint of a direct employer, many candidates (directors and managers) work only 1 to 2 hours per day (that is only 12.5% of the paid time). Therefore, direct employers are very wary and reluctant to hire new top candidates in addition to already employed top candidates.

A very small percentage of candidates can effectively learn on their own. The remaining candidates require some training by others. This is related to the fact that a successful job search for candidates is feasible specifically under the direction and with the help of Directors for Career Development (Career Consultants).

According to various estimates, more than 75,000 CVs per day are sent to a corporate e-mail (designated for receiving CVs) of a large company. CVs are in abundance, so direct employers simply do not review most of them.

Moreover, it is believed that only 25% (according to various estimates) of all posted managerial jobs are real.

In other cases, managerial vacancies are posted for other purposes:

1) Creating a database of candidates' CVs (figuratively speaking, a "substitutes' bench")
2) Compliance with formalities (when there is an approved in-house candidate, but for various reasons, a direct employer has to establish a management vacancy on the open labour market)
3) Direct employers collecting information on salary expectations of candidates.

Only the Directors for Career Development (Career Consultants) know which manager positions are real and which manager positions are pro forma. Insight into actual managerial vacancies allows promoting candidates (top managers, senior executives, etc.) to managerial vacancies to maximum effect.

The client (top manager, senior executive) pays for what predetermines the successful job search for the client and for the successful job search itself.

The Total Full Price of the Consulting Services is a one-time payment (including the Advance Payment and the Final Payment) amounting to 1.5 (one and a half) Total Monthly Expected Income (salary, bonuses, etc.) of the Client.

The Price of the Consulting Services determines their effectiveness and success.

The current market situation shows that a successful job search for candidates (top managers, senior executives) is feasible only with the help of Directors for Career Development (Career Consultants).

En:Пакеты Услуг и Тарифные Планы.

En;Расширьте горизонты Профессиональной Карьеры.

Вы сможете получить актуальные знания и навыки, востребованность и эффективность которых доказаны успешными карьерами клиентов – представителей высшего менеджмента, руководителей высшего звена и топ-менеджеров.

Статус Представителя Высшего Менеджмента, Руководителя высшего звена или Топ-менеджера.

Престижные знания.

Стратегическое построение карьеры и стратегический поиск работы.

100% Практики
Только актуальные знания.

Деловые контакты.
Новые бизнес-партнеры.

Удобный график.

Занятия без отрыва от работы. Занятия во время, свободное от работы.

Больше Вакансий

Увеличивается (постепенно) до 100% количество состоявшихся собеседований.

Анализ/Аналитика Эффективности Поиска Работы.

Взвешенность и Сбалансированность каждого шага.

Поиск работы по Графику и в соответствии с Графиком.

Успешный Результат. Получение Предложения о работе.

Успешно принятое кандидатом Предложение о работе.

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